8 Takeaways from Lean In Regional Leaders Conference 2018

Every year Lean In Leaders from different parts of the world come together at the Regional Leaders Conference at Palo Alto. This year , I had the wonderful opportunity to represent my network Lean In India . The power packed weekend was a roller coaster ride of managing learnings, connecting, healing and finding time to sleep . Of all the emotions that clouded me throughout the weekend and beyond , there were a couple of thoughts that made a mark on my heart . I want to implement these ideas into my leadership style at Lean In India . 

Here is the list of the 8 Key Takeaways from the conference which will be the core of my leadership style at Lean In India & the Corporate Wing.

1. Leaning In as an Internal Revolution

Self Development is at the core of Lean In. While Lean In Leaders work on constantly giving back to the community , there is a need to focus on stepping back and healing self first. I have encountered many leaders around me who have been working on giving back to the community by constantly communicating and supporting those in need but not working on themselves. Loving ourselves first , is going to take us a long way in becoming more empathetic leaders. 

2. Changing Lives is Critical

When I look around me , I realize how far women have come . We are in the era of Women Leadership , being surrounded by non profits working on constantly changing the perception of women in our society . Lean In Revolution stands out because of its focus on Changing Lives one at a time. Scaling up of any community by strategizing and networking is secondary to impacting lives of women in our circles .

3. Culture is at the Heart of Leaning In Together

Culture in any community can be fostered only if we take responsibility. It starts from each one of us. If we make sure each one of changes one life atleast, be it in family or at work, we will be able to develop a society where both men and women support each other .

4. Forgiving is Self- Healing

My trip and interactions with various leaders made me realize than humans mess up and that's okay. And both you and the person who hurt you , is HUMAN. Many times in leading our communities , people tend to mis-communicate and hamper the overall effect of our efforts. It's okay to accept their mistakes and forgive them . Forgiving is an art and not everyone is good at it . While it is important to make necessary changes to counter the harm done, what is more important is -Forgiving them and moving on.

5. Success is Relative 

Being a part of  the global community comes with its own set of challenges and expectations. Everyone around is doing wonderful things to impact their communities, and sometimes it challenges us to push beyond our limits and follow their foot steps. I sincerely believe in co-learning and horizontal deployment but it can demanding and challenging at the same time. In such a situation, it is important to take a deep breath and accept that success is a relative term . Till the time you are doing better than you were last year , you are succeeding . 

6. Sleeping in Important

Throughout June , July and August , I barely slept and eventually suffered . Thanks to the chain reaction of never ending work at Lean In India, challenges at workplace and the international travel, I fell in love with the normal 8 Hours sleep regime. Wonderful leader Linda Brandt taught me that during our talks for Conference Extension and I couldn't be more thankful to her . 

7. Connections & Conversations

 I made some beautiful connections over the weekend that I will cherish my entire life . Leaning In Together with these amazing women gives a feeling of belonging to a tribe that has my back at all times. And throughout the year , I will reflect on the conversations we had and smile. <3

8. Collaborations can be AMAZING !

Thousands of ladies are Leaning In, under the leadership of  Regional Leaders in different networks. The impact can be exponential if we all come together , collaborate and work on facing women issues head on. With four such projects already under development , I couldn't be more thankful to the conference for bringing us together.

With these 8 points, in my mind, I move on towards another amazing year of Leaning In.


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