Long Lost Friendships

Growing up is a crazy crazy uphill ride for everyone. I look back in time and feel amazed at how far I come. Year after year , the only thing that has been constant is change. Change that comes from losing people, losing confidence and losing out the things that I wanted the most at the moment . To many, it may sound sad. To me , it's the very foundation of my change. And that's because of the memories I made in this never ending journey. And what are memories without a hint of friendships on the way . Friends that made us so happy and alive in the moment . I miss every bit of my moments with them all. Each one of them had it's impact on me . Each one holding a special place in my heart. Another realization that has dawned on me over years is the fact that , some of them were not forever. And that is exactly what made them so special. We all promised to be there for each other no matter what , but somehow for reasons known and unknown, we drifted apart. Our forever promise lasted just a little shorter.  The more I look back in time, the more I miss them around. But then, I transition into the present and calm myself down thinking, maybe what happened , happened for the best .

This is me just missing them and documenting how I feel about them !

Do you look at those happy faces ?

Maybe we don't talk anymore. Maybe we do .

Maybe we can't meet anymore . Maybe we are so busy in our lives . But I love you all <3

I just hope someday, when we cross paths, we can only think of these memories and these happy faces.


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