Feedback & Appreciations- An Open Letter to the Best Team Ever

Lately , I have been trying to change my life around the feedback, I have been receiving on my way of leading. I have always desired to be someone who is empathetic, understanding and approachable . And these parameters are on what I started my Lean In Leader journey as . After having the most insightful opportunity of mentoring a little over 300 girls by the age of 22, I gained perspective and was able to generate my opinion on patterns of human behavior . I spent most of my time interacting and being there for each every one of these mentees who became lifelines and friends . So much so , I lost track of my own mental health, growth and progress. It had been three years of dedicating my life to Leaning In with the girls from my university and over time, we had incepted Lean In India simultaneously . I was tired , exhausted but still passionate . Soon my exertion from a new job , the pressure of taking Lean In India to the next level and struggles of self - evaluation for internal growth  made me into a very selective person when it comes to interaction. I was having too much on my plate . It made me distant from the peer learning and mentoring that forms the basics of Leaning In . I poured my heart and energy into developing strategies and projects that could create a more tangible impact on women of our country . I was Leaning In daily by making a choice year after year to work 7 days a week , but like everyone else I had 24 Hours a day and I missed out on bridging and community building , which was once my strength. I still go back to my University to deliver sessions and to see three generations of women Leaning In everyday . I look at that and I see impact that became a legacy . But for the last one year , my focus had moved from people and team building to strategic development . Thanks to the wonderful Lean In India Team that I have, I received the same feedback again and again for months together now . After two months of thinking constantly about it , I wanted to write how I feel about this and I wanted to do something concrete for a team that enables me and charges me everyday to Lean In !

So this is me, promising to be more engaging , accessible and available for all the people around me , like I was in the past.

This is the power of feedback !

But I don't want to just stop here . I want to make my entire  Lean In network and the team know what they have done for me as a person and Lean In India as a community . I commit, here on to make appreciations the culture of Leaning In Together in India.

Manishree Gupta : Stumbling on you has been the happiest moment of my life . You have given me the much needed support of a friend and an adviser. Your experience met with our mutual hard work has helped take  Lean In India to these heights. Your belief in me and your skill of allocating the right person to the right task , is what holds me and everyone together .

Thank you for Leaning In Together with me, every weekend and everyday of our lives.

 Sanya Khurana : I have seen you grow right in front of my eyes . I look at you and remind myself daily the power of practice and the desire for self growth. Thank you for believing in this weirdo from university to lead Lean In India with you ! It has totally changed my life.

Sanya Sharma : A wild card becoming a critical part of my life . From attending the summit exactly a year back to Restart Her Career volunteering to leading the Newsletter Project at Lean In India , you have won my heart . Your chirpy nature and commitment towards growing  has indeed made you one of my closest pals . I am glad you stepped in and de-stressed me from time to time taking work off my shoulders.

Ruchi Angrish : The one person who teaches me goodwill and patience . From handling social media single handedly to being the best person on ground as the community manager , you have done it all. Infact you do it all everyday. You have taugh tme how to never say no and always keep exploring and learning.

Aanchal Makkar : Your clarity of thought process and charisma inspires me to think big everyday. How I have missed you and the little one in the past months . My very own manager at Lean In India , who directs me to polish everything I do for  better delivery . I miss having fun times working with you . Can't wait to see you get up from bed and moderate and curate our events here on.

Urvee Juneja & Urvika Gola : I look at both of you and I tell myself that a woman can be everything .Classy , sassy and too bold to be called bossy . I am glad you find time in the middle of the day or night to make things work out . I really need a picture with both of you !

Prerrna Kapoor : The name is enough. From a random call last year in July to till date, you became  my most trusted guide and adviser . I have never met you in person, but you have been just one message away . I love how you bring energy, strategy and direction to what I do . Can't wait to meet you on 21st , Yes, in next three days <3

Chethana Chandran : Words cannot describe my respect for you. Your commitment at 3 AM after hours of work and the patience with kids , makes me wanna do more in my life . I wish you all the luck in the world for times ahead . I hope we can definitely meet someday .

Finally a shout out to the wonderful ladies I meet everyday in our numerous circles -  Keerti , Navya , Aanchal, Shruti , Sangeeta , Rachita , Sayli , Srilakshmi, Ananya,  Ridhi, and the list goes on and on and on.

I am glad my life revolves around you folks. I don't say this often, but I love each one of you . You inspire me daily in your own ways .

PS : A special thanks to Linda Brandt, the very first person I have from Lean In Community , You have played a pivotal role in making me realize the need for inclusion and bridging within communities . I strive to Lean In with you and I can't wait to hug you this August !


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