Why you need to be a Feminist on 8th March and everyday after that !

At most of the panel discussions , I have been a part of , there have been two most common questions - " Why do we need a special movement for women when we are talking about equality ? " & " What is it that we can do in this global problem that involves changing mindsets of millions ?"

I believe these two questions are the most important and genuine questions asked by someone for whom Feminism is still the new F**** word . While the women are working on breaking the glass ceilings, there is a need for us to show these other bunch of people - the glass ceiling itself . 

We need a special revolution for women given these  two simple reasons.

Firstly, a generation that was suppressed for hundred of years and locked inside , has developed it's own set of barriers . This doubles the effort on the part of those leading the change . Both the mindset of women and men needs to be worked on to spark the revolution . And in the process of this change of century old mindset , there will be a lot of resistance and uprise. To provide the initial momentum to this revolution, a special movement for women is a must.

Secondly , it is the feminine traits that are most hated and made fun of . If you think that's not true , try to recall when was the last time you heard someone make fun of a guy by saying- " Stop crying like a girl. " . Just by saying such a sentence , we demean feminine traits and this stereotype becomes the spacer between men and women ! 

The  role that we play in this whole revolution which is fighting the vicious cycle of patriarchy is not as simple as it sounds .

Standing up  against the smallest gesture of inequality that tends to discriminate women on the basis of their gender, be it with anyone- That's the solution

Stereotypes and biases exist in both conscious behavior and in unconscious  thoughts . It is a product of the upbringing and the environment we are nurtured in . Sadly , we have all been brought up in an unequal world where we see discrimination in our own homes and tend to form opinions on roles of men and women. This program that is fed in our brains , needs to be erased and that can only be done by unconscious efforts. Hence , Feminism.

And this is exactly why we all need to be Feminists this 8th of March . And not just that day . Feminism is a way of living . It should not just be used as a pick up line by men for educated women .  Feminism is about being responsible for your actions and the impact it creates on those around you and  those who look up to you . And this goes for both men and women ! 

Don't gift her a rose on this Women's Day and congratulate her on being born a woman. Commend her efforts and support her growth all the year round , for chivalry is no longer about holding doors, it is about holding her hand while navigating through career. 

PS : I hope I live to see a world where there is no need of celebrating this day !


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