The new F****** word.

A lot of people keep asking me again and again why am I a feminist ? Most of them get pissed off even at the mention of this word . Feminism is the new *F* word , apparently . Its time I answered them all .

According to Wikipedia feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal to define ,establish  and achieve equal political , economic , cultural , personal , social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment .

The first question fired on me is why women ? Why are they demanding their rights separately ? If they consider themselves as different based on their gender , they will be treated different and that won't call for equality then .

The answer is simple . If a full grown man and a ten year old are given stools of equal height to look past a wall  blocking both of them equally , will the kid be able to ever look beyond ? This is equality.
The kid has to be given a stool of greater height till the time he grows and is atleast the same height as the grown man. This is called justice.

Right now the women's fight is for justice more than equality . That is why a special revolution for women .

Don't you think reservation for women is unfair for men ?

A special coach for women in metro or local trains is an immediate solution to ease the growing safety concerns of women in our country.  It should not be called as a feminist issue . The final picture should be men and women travelling in common coaches without women feeling unsafe. But till the time this Utopian vision is achieved we cannot put the lives of these girls in danger, hence ladies coach.

What not is feminism ?
A young girl coming up to a guy sitting in a metro and asking for a seat simply on the basis of being a girl is called unfair. Until and unless its something serious on human grounds , never give up your seat . ( All you boys out there ).
Be a human first and then feminist or whatever .

For promotion of women in fields of heavy engineering and electricals , reservation makes sense , but within limits. The limits of which should be constrained by equivalent technical know how and skill set. Otherwise it gets unfair .

Promotion of women in entrepreneurship makes even more sense . A gender suppressed for over centuries now needs to be awakened and told to come out of their cocoons. Its not easy as it is to come up with a venture of your own that any entrepreneur faces irrespective of the gender. To top that society barriers , family obligations and self developed constraint in women add up to the pool of problems. Promotion of this art in women means to help them overcome these additional barriers. After that we can find our own ways.

Despite all this equality awareness , don't women still rule the dating game ?

Yes they do , specially in India. If parents stop nipping them in the bud, you and twenty other men wouldn't have to compete to be with one woman .
No you are not obliged to pay the bills every time on a date just to be a gentleman . Equality in payments. On similar lines , why should a woman work for less salary for doing the same work ? That's why feminism is needed to get them this right.
No, sleeping with you is not a favor . Women need and think of sex as much as men do . No you are not allowed to touch her without her consent . But once its mutual, the beauty of being physically compatible should be between the two of you . You have no right to record and upload it on youtube. But this happens every now and then and that's why the world needs feminism.

Feminism is more on humanitarian grounds than favoritism.
50 % population is not a special interest group.
And for women like me who were blessed to be born into well aware families , gender equality is not a social barrier we face .
I am a feminist so that I can make similar favorable conditions for the unlucky ones .
I am leading the change I believe in.

And for me , personally, women who seek equality with men lack ambition.


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