I looked at the blank canvas of my life . Not one spot. Not a sign of color or spills .
Blank. No risks taken , no strokes made and no life lived. I didn't know where to start . I had no hint of creativity in me , so I picked up the boldest and easiest of all colors , Black. I filled the entire canvas with it , not leaving one corner unpainted. Every inch of it was covered in deep blank black shade.
It became the color of my soul.
It felt good , it felt different. It felt as if something had changed . It no longer had the monotony of nothingness .
And then I saw other colors.
Ravishing red, humble yellow, proud blue and prosperous green .
With a lot of effort and courage, I picked the brush yet again. I kept on painting with different colors. One after the other, not thinking , not stopping, I simply kept on painting. There were moments in between when I would pick up black again and use it on the beautiful set of patterns that I was creating. It almost felt like undoing everything I had been doing all this while. Every now and then I hoped and prayed to get a new canvas to start it all afresh. But it didn't happen . Not even once. I cried and prayed even more. And then one day I had to accept that no one will give me a new canvas. But I do have the option of painting it all over again. I can create a new backdrop for myself because I had the brush in my hand . And this time, I didn't paint it black. Instead , I chose the humble yellow and soon after added a million shades of all the others.
It gets confusing every now and then , what shade to be used, in what ratio and where exactly to use it . But I don't stop. I trust my instincts and keep on painting without thinking what color to use next or will it appeal anyone. Because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and the creativity lies with the one who holds the brush.
And in this case, I am both the brush holder and the beholder and that makes me feel alive.


Divya Dhankhar said…
This is one of the best pieces I've read in awhile. Very insightful. ❤
Amodini Agarwal said…
Amazing! So damn creative!
And that's life how we know it..
Alok Bhushan said…
God damn! You don't allow any body else to be the beholder even! However you are best suited for the job because others will see the colours outside and only you have the knowledge of what lies deep inside. The blank white. Nobody knows it, nobody sees it, but it doesn't means it has ceased to exist. The Canvas!
Pragya Sarda said…
This is such a beautiful piece.... just saying so much .. ! Yes... this is how it should be - life as we should know it.
Ruchi said…
Love this...Keep on adding the beautiful colors of life on to your canvas...God bless you!

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