Lean In.

Connection is the essence of effective communication and leadership. It all begins and depends on the three lettered word * WHY *.

WHY do we do what we do ?
WHY do we feel the way we feel ?
WHY do we connect to someone so well ?

It's all about the WHY. So this is me telling out loud as a proud feminist . WHY do I LEAN IN ?

Our thoughts , our actions and our ambitions are from a very young age influenced by the environment we are brought up in . We are a product of our environment , circumstances and our experiences . For over 15 years , I was brought up in an environment where I saw people struggle to live their lives their way. Everyone around me was busy building their careers and to be honest , it had nothing to do with the gender. My mom worked equally hard like my dad ,sometimes even more. My dad did as many household chores as my mom, and till date sometimes even more . Our house was run by both my mom and dad without any distinction between the two , without any division of roles or stereotyping . And it was exactly the way I was brought up. I am glad all my life I was never treated like a princess . I was a child to them and not like a * GIRL * child . And that has made all the difference.  But not everyone is this blessed to get the most ideal environment to imbibe in themselves the need for gender equality at such an age. That was my motivation to be a part of this revolution . The first and the foremost challenge being breaking all the social barriers and taboos .
And it was when even the environment that I now claimed as ideal started being not so much like it had been all these years. 

My always so supporting parents challenged me into doing Mechanical Engineering. The biggest engineering taboo in India being :* You are too sissy for Mech . Girls cannot do it.*
Challenge accepted , into my final year of studies now. And now when someone asks my parents what is your daughter pursuing , B.COM or BBA ?They proudly say , " She is a mechanical engineer under construction ".

My always so cool dad laughed at the idea of me doing Marketing , a yet another domain that is considered too dynamic for women to be a part of . Three years down the lane my dad still finds hard to believe how did I manage to have such skills for leading Lean In India. Or how do I manage to survive as the Sponsorship and Network Consolidation Head of every fest or every project that I was a part of.  

Then came a point in my life , where I told them I wish to influence others and lead by example. Being in a girl's college has made me realize the need for me to teach what I have  learnt. After all success is not about winning , its about how many lives you touch and influence. And then came "Lean In". A platform to groom my girls, a community of like minded women from cross the globe and a place where I find absolute peace of mind and satisfaction . 

Sheryl Sandberg says ,
" We cannot change what we are not aware of and once we are aware , we cannot help but change ."
On being appreciated by her on the social media , there was no turning back . I live the dream of becoming a global leader . I struggle daily to achieve the target of grooming every little girl who was once called bossy like me . 

Its said that, we can't choose where we come from but we definitely can go wherever we want to from there. And with a little touch of motivation and guidance , lives can change . I am being just that little help along the way for that every girl who  dreamed of becoming a leader, but was brought down for reasons unknown. 
I am being the part of a revolution that cheers the girls and women who want to sit at the table,
And that is why I Lean IN.
This is my Lean In story.


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