From where it all started !

There are times in life when you feel low ,
When you feel on the road of success you are rather very slow ,
Your every attempt ends in a failure ,
And this mental disease seems to have no cure  ,
You are neglected by the whole lot ,
And you seem to be in a huge clot ,
Your life comes to a standstill ,
And in your heart you can feel this chill ,
Every night when you cry all alone and you are just left to mourn ,
You try try harder but end in a cypher ,
And you feel like stupid kid in his diaper ,
When there is ocean all around ,
And you are so deep for someone to hear your sound ,
When I, me and myself is lost .
And for every mistake you have to bear its cost ,
And you believe all your happiness forever is lost ,
At this time just get ready for a blast ,
Because this hurricane is no longer gonna last ,
Pack all your miseries in a bag ,
And remove this sulky tag ,
I know its easier said than done ,
But change your mindset coz its fun ,
Go down and take a long run ,
Its the mind playing the game ,
And think about your days of fame ,
If it doesn't work , munch a perk ,
Do what you feel is idiotic ,
Because it is this mood which has become periodic ,
Shout till all your frustation is out ,
And on your abilities stop having a doubt ,
Just force a smile then ,
And for all this give yourself a ten on ten ..


Apurva Chawla said…
i could actually hear you reciting it in my mind :D
it's so well composed and so you ;)

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