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I looked at the blank canvas of my life . Not one spot. Not a sign of color or spills .
Blank. No risks taken , no strokes made and no life lived. I didn't know where to start . I had no hint of creativity in me , so I picked up the boldest and easiest of all colors , Black. I filled the entire canvas with it , not leaving one corner unpainted. Every inch of it was covered in deep blank black shade.
It became the color of my soul.
It felt good , it felt different. It felt as if something had changed . It no longer had the monotony of nothingness .
And then I saw other colors.
Ravishing red, humble yellow, proud blue and prosperous green .
With a lot of effort and courage, I picked the brush yet again. I kept on painting with different colors. One after the other, not thinking , not stopping, I simply kept on painting. There were moments in between when I would pick up black again and use it on the beautiful set of patterns that I was creating. It almost felt like undoing everythi…

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